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Try different sources of energy to supply the current U.S. electricity demand and learn about the different energy alternatives we have available today.

U.S. Electricity demand in 2014

The electricity demand in 2014 was 4,093 TeraWatts-hour, or some 13.97 QuadrillionBTU of energy. Almost two-thirds of this demand was met with fossil fuels (Coal and Natural Gas).

Below select the percentage of electricity demand you would like to allocate to each energy source and see what a difference we could make.

  • Coal

    Currently, coal is the main energy source for electricity generation, accounting for 39%.

  • Natural Gas

    This is the second most used energy source for electric generation, accounting for 27%.

  • Nuclear

    Third highest source of energy for electricity in the U.S., supplying 19% of the current demand.

  • PV Solar

    Despite all the marketing and media attention, photovoltaic solar power supply less than 0.4%.

  • STE / CSP

    Similar to PV solar, Solar Thermal Energy or Concentrating Solar Power, has a small percentage at less than 0.4%.

  • Wind-power

    Wind power has been the fastest-growing source of electricity generation for several years, suppling 4.4% of today's total demand.

  • Geothermal

    With an estimated potential electricity generation of 31,300 TWh (760% of the annual demand), this source accounts for only 0.4% of current consumption.

  • Ocean-power

    Besides some experimental projects in California, this energy source has not been commercialized in the U.S. electricity sector.
    See here for more information.

  • Hydro-power

    Hydro-power supplies 6% of the current electricity demand. This renewable energy source lacks support in the environmental community because of its adverse impacts on ecosystems (both upstream and downstream from the dam).

  • Biomass

    Biomass has a total estimated potential electricity generation of 500 TWh (12% of the annual demand). However, today it only supplies 1.7% of total demand.
    See here for more information


Demand Supplied select your scenario 100%
Electricity Consumption select your scenario 4,093 TeraWatts-hr
Carbon Emissions select your scenario 2,043 MMTCO2
Annual (Levelized) Cost of Electricity select your scenario $377 Billion USD
MMTCO2: Million Metric Tons of Carbon Dioxide
TeraWatt-hour (TWh): Unit of energy. One QuadrillionBTU is equivalent to 293 TWh
USD: U.S. Dollar